Hostel Roots is the ideal location for groups whether that be families, friends or business employees

Surprising, comfortable & easy-going

You chose the right address for an affordable comfortable, group accommodation. Our hostel is a within walking distance from the central station and we have access to a large number of parking spaces.

Group Accommodation

Next to the 70 beds we have to offer, Hostel Roots also provide extra facilities such as a bar, living area, reception, bank vault and terrace particularly suitable for families, sport teams, student associations, travellers and business groups. Choose between a big cosy room or a more intimate luxe ‘family’ room.

Group Activities

Ask us for the possibilities for drink-, snacks-, dinner- and breakfast options. We are happy to organise an arrangement for you so that you as a group are satisfied. Also, we are happy to share the best tips on group activities.

Do you want more information? Contact us via our contact form.

Hostel Roots Tilburg stadhuis tekening

Roots basement bar

Our bar is perhaps the cosiest bar in town. It lies just below street level and was originally an old bank vault, which can still be seen when you enter the bar. Our own design and second-hand interior and accessories creates an authentic, warm atmosphere. The bar lends itself perfectly for a beer, dinner, or (private) party.

Hostel Roots Tilburg foto

Options without an Overnight Stay

Are you in search of a location for a meeting, a presentation, a birthday party, a lunch, snack or a dinner? Even without booking an overnight stay you can still come to us.

For more information contact us via our contact form.